Saturday, November 26, 2011

My mother's pantyhose

        The first fetish that I have developed is pantyhose fetish.  At the age of 7, long before I can understand what fetishes are, I was already attracted to pantyhose. One afternoon after I came back from school, I found a package of "socks" on the table, which my mother had misplaced. Out of curiosity, I opened the package and found a pair of clear nude pantyhose. It was so beautiful and it is unlike any kind of socks that I knew. I felt the urge to try it on. As I slowly put them on, they felt smooth and tight. My feet looked so girl-like, and when I looked at them, I remembered my tiny cock became really hard, but I had no idea what to do. I just felt extremely pleasant.

        That first experience was so comfortable that it did not took long before I started sneaking into my mother's bedroom and fetching her pantyhose regularly. I would strip myself naked and look at my tiny cock wrapped in the tight pantyhose in the mirror. After playing with pantyhose a couple of times, I felt an impulse to put it on my head and over my face. The smell was erotic and the sensation was amazing that I started to put them over my face regularly when I played with pantyhose.

        I continue this way until almost high school, when I learned about pantyhose encasement. I immediately knew that I would love it. I visited my aunt during summer one year, and at that time she had a lot of pantyhose that she wasn't really wearing and was ready to discard them. I acquired almost all of it, which was about 30 pairs in different colors. I went back to my room and put almost all of them all over my body to the point that they were so tight that I could barely breath.  I stayed in those pantyhose for almost a whole afternoon, where I came 4 times all over the pantyhose and my body. 

        Up to this day, I occasionally would still encase myself in pantyhose for the tight and smooth feeling. My love for pantyhose is probably the cause of my interest in crossdressing and bondage, and eventually lead me to become a sissy faggot I am today.

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